We are a pioneer in Malaga in the car adapted to the needs of the disabled and desire to move, either for the transport of persons in wheelchairs or for drivers with different degrees of disability cars.Adapted rental cars Caleta Rent a Car is arguably the best comprehensive service of its kind in Malaga.

We understand the obstacles and problems of our customers and try to solve them as far as possible. We know that the vehicle is a basic necessity for the movement of people with disabilities and try to do everything easier.
We offer such a service adapted, as our vehicles:

  • Total availability adapted car to go to rehab: without being outstanding on a tight schedule and cost.
  • We deliver the car home only for the cost of travel for delivery
  • own roadside assistance 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Replacement vehicle in case of breakdown or accident
  • For weekends or holiday periods, dates and adjust prices adapt to the specific needs of vehicle available.




  • 7 days 420€

Volkswagen Caddy · manual gearbox

3 People + 1 Wheelchair

  •  7 days 560€

Renault Traffic automatic

5 People + 1 Wheelchair

  • 7 days 455€
  • 1 day 60€

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi · manual gearbox

5 People + 1 Wheelchair

  •     1 day 65€
  • 7 days 490€

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi · automatic

5 People + 1 Wheelchair

  • 1 day 70€
  • 1 day 80€
  •  7 days 595€

Renault Traffic large manual gearbox

6 People + 1 Wheelchair

  •      1 day 85€

Luggage transport service from the airport

to your holiday home‚Äč.

Delivery of vehicles at the airport of Malaga.